Construction support for wind energy self-propelled jack up vessel

Stowen provided emergency repair work to a failed thruster motor. Stowen were required to cut out the deck plating of a self-propelled jack up vessel, allowing the removal and repair of the failed thruster motor.

The project required two trips to the offshore vessel.

Trip one brought over a steel plater/fabricator, a rigging supervisor and a coded welder.  For the client to remove the thruster motor, Stowen had to cut a 2m2 section of deck plate. They were then able to assist on-board personnel with the lifting operations to remove the faulty thruster. Once this was safely removed the deck plate was temporarily fixed back into position.

Trip two was conducted once the thruster was repaired and returned to site. Two coded welders and a rigging supervisor worked to reinstall the deck plate permanently. The welders worked back-to-back twelve-hour shifts to ensure the job was completed within the client’s tight schedule, allowing the vessel to return to port.

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