Drilling Package Upgrade

Q3 of 2015, Stowen executed a full drilling package upgrade for a Jack-Up drilling rig in the North Sea.  Stowen undertook a total turnkey project approach to the project from Studies, through to engineering, construction and commissioning. 

The project was one of extreme sensitivity to the client as it was the size of project that would typically be undertaken quay side.  However, in this case, the project was to be executed off-shore, on location and in a tight time frame between drilling programs. Coupled with the fiscal pressures of contracting exploration market further, raised the bar for this challenge.   

With this scenario, planning is everything!  Having worked with Stowen on previous projects, the client had full confidence in 100% on time and on budget delivery. And in July 2015 Stowen set the wheels in motion with engineering studies and procurement analysis to ensure the project was pre planned for success.

With a robust schedule, in place, Stowen began procuring materials and collating construction work packs before mobilizing to commence the destruct phase and then moving in tandem into the construction aspects.   The project ran until December with, at times, 50 Stowen personnel on board covering all rope access disciplines including, electrical, fabrication, piping and rig building. 

The project completed ahead of time and under budget with no LTI’s or near miss incidents  

Stowen supplied data dossiers for the project passing class acceptance with no issues.

Scope of Work

  • PRS8I Pipe Racker Installation
  • AR8300 removal and ST120 Installation
  • NOV Catwalk Installation
  • Palfinger KBC Installation
  • DLA Installation
  • Modification to Drillers Cabin and Integration of Amphion AD Chair
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