Onshore Facilities Overview

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Manual Colchester Lathe

Manual Controls

3 & 4 Jaw Chuck Capability

Swing Over Bed 390mm
Swing Over Carriage 240mm
Distance Between Centres 1250mm
Spindle Bore 54mm diameter
Power 7.5 HP
Huron MU6 Universal

Manual and Digital Read Out

Universal Milling Machine with Slotting Attachment

Table size 2000mm x 460mm
Long travel 1500mm
Cross travel 700mm
Vertical travel 550mm
Universal Head
Speed range 30 - 2066 RPM
Feed range 1.6mm - 820mm/min
Power 12 HP
Table loading 2 Tonnes
Cincinnati Milacron Vertical

Manual and Digital Read Out

50 INT Spindle with Vertical quill

Table size 1657mm x 355mm
Long travel 863mm
Cross travel 305mm
Vertical travel 355mm
Height under Quill 457mm
Quill 100mm
Power 10 HP
Asquith Butler TE3000 CNC

Heidenhain TNC426PA CNC Control

5 Position auto indexing milling head, 40 station auto tool changer. Offering 3-dimensional profiling, circular interpolation, drilling, tapping and thread milling.

Table size 1200mm x 3100mm
Table Horizontal Traverse 3000mm
Ram Horizontal Traverse 1050mm
Ram Vertical Traverse 1378mm
Indexing Head C-Axis 4 x 90 degrees
Spindle Cartridge D-Axis 2 x 180 degrees Power 50 HP
Spindle Speed 10 - 2250 rpm
Feeds 1- 5000 mm/min
Table Loading 10 tonnes
Webster & Bennett 72" EV Vertical

Manual and Digital Read Out

5 Station Turret

Chuck Diameter 1828mm
Maximum Swing 2133mm
Maximum Height 1219mm
Table Speeds 3.8 - 83 rpm
Power 40HP
Power Indexing Table
Spindle Speeds 4.5 - 1120 rpm
Infinitely Variable Feed Rates
Table Loading 8 tonnes
Kearns Richards SF125L Horizontal

Full NC Positioning and Control System (Phillips NC6644) 4 Axis

Thread Cutting and Taper Boring

Table Size 1800mm x 1800mm
Vertical Travel 1800mm
Cross Travel 1400mm
Long Travel 2388mm
Quill Travel 762mm
Power 25 HP
TO S Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

Manual and Digital Read Out

Co-ordinate drilling, boring, face turning and milling

Table Size 1250mm x 1500mm
Vertical Travel 1250mm
Cross Travel 1250mm
Long Travel 1500mm
Quill Travel 50 INT
Power 20 HP
Table Loading 3 tonnes
Radial Drill 2

Asquith 0D1

Drilling Boring & Tapping

Table Size 1220mm x 760mm
Maximum Radius of Spindle 1829mm
Working Length of Base Plate 1626mm
No 5 Morse Taper
Radial Drill 1

Kitchen Walker

Drilling Boring & Tapping

Table Size 1220mm x 915mm
Maximum Radius of Spindle 1880mm
Working Length of Base Plate 1830mm
No 5 Morse Taper
Micron UCP 1000 Universal 5 Axis

Heidenhain TNC426M CNC Control

Full 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining NC Swivel Table NC Rotary Table 15000RPM HSK-63 Spindle 40 Bar Coolant Through Spindle Infrared Measuring Probe 60 Tool Automatic Tool Changer

Table Size ø800mm
Long Travel X 800mm
Cross Travel Y 1000mm
Vertical Travel Z 880mm
Table Loadings Stationary (horizontal) 1000 kg
Positioning Mode 600 kg
5 Axis Mode 400 kg
Binns & Berry Data 90-100

Fagor 8025 TG CNC Control

Full profile facility and taper threading

Swing Over Bed 1140mm
Swing Over Carriage 1000mm
Distance Between Centres 3000mm
Spindle Bore 104mm diameter
Power 50HP
Binns & Berry Hollow Spindle

Fagor 8025 TG CNC Control

Full profile facility and taper threading

Swing Over Bed 851mm
Swing Over Carriage 698mm
Distance Between Centres 2438mm
Spindle Bore 368mm diameter
Power 40HP
3 Axis

Prototrak 3 Axis SMX CNC Control - 3 Axis DRO

(3rd Axis is on Quill)

Spindle speeds 75-4200RPM
Table Size 1270mm X 254mm (50” x 10”)
Max Table Load 350kg

Straight Bed lathe

High speed, high precision, rigidity and performance.

Spindle speeds 50-4,000RPM
Swing Over Bed 360mm
Distance Between Centres 1000mm