STOWEN Group: New Shaker System

Stowen Group completes work on new Shaker System in Dundee.

In July this year Stowen was awarded upgrade and maintenance scopes for an international drilling contractor to be completed key side in the Port of Dundee. As part of the upgrade work scopes the existing shaker and mud recovery system were to be replaced with an entirely new shaker system.

Due to client contractual obligation, Stowen were given just four weeks and a very tight budget in which to complete the replacement! A tall order but we were up to the challenge.

The existing system consisted of 6 shale shakers, two scalper shakers, An H-VAC system and four centrifuges. The shaker house itself was split between three levels; main deck, mezzanine and upper level.

This configuration made the destruct especially challenging with the equipment so tightly installed and on all levels.  During the destruct phase we were also faced with conflicting project work scopes and lack of crane availability.

The modification and installation phase was not without its challenges either! Luckily, the construction team was staffed with Stowen in-house skilled engineers. 

Our Structural, Piping and Electrical service personnel (assisted by the client’s deck crew for painting) were able to overcome all the obstacles to complete the installation and commissioning on time and within budget.

Ryan Ireland - Service Manager Axiom Process Ltd said:

"Axiom Process Ltd would like to thank Stowen for their Service and Support given during the recent AX-1 Shaker Installation. All parties worked well together to bring the project in ahead of schedule. We look forward to working with Stowen again in the near future"

The new replacement system is now a much cleaner design with 4 new Axiom AX-1 shale shakers on the mezzanine level, Screw Conveyor on the main deck and H-VAC system on the upper level.

A very successful project executed by the team at Stowen!

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