Stowen Group launch SIRIS inspection reporting system to streamline reporting and certification of equipment.

The Stowen Inspection Reporting Intelligence System (SIRIS) allows clients instant access to reports and certifications, dramatically reducing the time equipment is out of action. By providing clients with an online portal, the relevant documentation is available almost as soon as an inspection is complete, reducing the time taken to prepare documents and allowing equipment to be returned to service more quickly.

The software is bespoke and was developed by Stowen Group to streamline their inspections process.

“Our workflow always places efficiency first. We know clients need their equipment to stay in service as long as possible. Pointless delays waiting for the back office to prepare documentation and email or send it worldwide means unnecessary downtime. We wanted a system that would make the certification process as efficient as our inspections.”

Mathew Owen, CEO of Stowen Group

The software is available to all Stowen Group customers now using desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

For further information contact Technical Director: Kieron Ford