Who We Are?

Founded in 2014 with a single mind set – provide efficient services to the Energy Sector, only…. better than our competitors.

The Stowen Group has derived from the founding company Stowen Ltd, a company created and dedicated to providing the Oil & Gas industry with complete project management .

“Single Vendor with a complete solution”

Having gained success and proven capability the natural progression from a single sector into a multisector service provider grew organically, eventually creating a Renewable division – Stowen Clean Energy

In combination the Stowen Group was formed.

“Single Vendor with a complete solution……to all Energy Sectors”

What We Do?

We provide Solutions to our clients utilising a combination of proven services.

From providing a single service to encompassing a complete project from initial planning through to completion we utilise our experience and wealth of knowledge to ensure that we provide a safe – efficient solution to our clients.

Our Core Values