STOWEN Awarded Multiple Wind Farm Projects

Scroby Sands – Weld Repairs

Stowen are supplying a in-house team of certified welding technicians to undertake critical weld repairs to the mono piles.

EA1 – Rope Access, Scaffolding and Surface Protection

Stowen are supplying in house Stowen approved technicians to support the construction close out phase of EA1.

Sheringham Shoal – Cathodic Protection

Stowen are supplying a team of Stowen trained and approved renewable technicians to undertake the installation of anodes on the substations to enhance the cathodic process.


Stowen are able to deliver executional excellence on multiple projects due to our commitment to in-house training and certification of technicians and our continual investment in technology.

The Stowen Training Academy ensures all Stowen technicians are competent and approved to our industry recognized standards.  Once Trained Stowen utilise and develop the latest Technologies available to ensure Client, Technician and Stowen management have live and real time project reporting on cost and schedule and instant access to certification and documentation

For further information on Stowen’s Renewable services and how we add value to your projects please contact Kieron Ford  +44 (0)1493 653903