Dimensional Survey

Stowen provided a complete service when undertaking the inspections, this included the dimensional checks to the Elastomeric Bearings & Grout connection. The information obtained gave the client a clear understanding of the compression rate at which the bearings were designed to provide. These measurements are taken at intervals of approximately a year apart until the settle period is established, after which the inspections are then spread over a longer time period.

Assets are chosen at random providing spot checks, providing the client with documented evidence that their foundations are structurally sound. 

NDT and Reporting

Stowen provided the client with site specific documentation. This proved to be more efficient to the client as the templates were discussed beforehand to establish exactly what was required to be achieved.

The documents were produced in a format that allowed the information to be collated into charts showing statistical facts. Non-Destructive Testing methods such as Ultrasonic Testing, Eddy Current Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection were used to test the welded areas, specific Eddy Current probes were chosen for the hard to reach areas enabling the engineers to inspect the maximum amount of the weld. 

Monitoring on Schedule

Stowen continue to monitor the wind farms foundations for the client Equinor who are using the information to provide extensions to their assets life expectancy

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