Rowan Gorilla VI Jack Up Rig Upgrade

Stowen are pleased to be associated with the successful Rig Upgrade on the Gorilla VI for Rowan.

The Project

Project-Jack Up Rig Upgrade
Duration- 12 Months
Location- Rotterdam
Man Power- 31 Man Construction Team

The Scope

  • Installation of complete new NOV pipe racking system
  • Installation of new NOV ST-120
  • Installation of new NOV top drive system
  • Installation of new raised NOV dead line anchor
  • Installation of new NOV cyber base drillers cabin
  • Installation of new cantilever dropped object protection deck
  • Leg repairs
  • Derrick structural modifications
  • API 4G cat III derrick inspection & rectification
  • Crown cluster replacement
  • Choke & Kill manifold replacement
  • Guide track replacement
  • Drawworks drum replacement
  • Elmaco brake replacement
  • Travelling Block replacement
  • Diverter Valve replacement
  • EX lighting system replacement
  • High pressure piping modifications
  • Wind wall refurbishment
  • Kato generator removal
  • BOP carts overhaul
  • Mud pump overhaul
  • Derrick, guide track & rotary table alignment
  • P Tank piping modification & upgrade
  • Deep well pump replacement