Single Vendor – Complete Project Management

Stage 1. Planning 

From inital planning Stowen project team worked from engineering designs drawings previously completed giving the project team a base to build a full scale project from start to finish.

“having sufficient pre work planning meetings with the client was detrimental to the success of the projects completion.”

Stage 2. Onshore Preparation

Before any work commenced offshore, Stowen conducted several tests onshore to ensure that all planned operations would work in the most efficient way on project. All fabrication was completed by Stowen onshore services. Stowen Awarded the anode supply to Impalloy who assisted with various recommendations to the unique design of a string-based anode system that could be monitored from a single destination onsite.

Stage 3. Onsite Rescue Trials

As agreed from the initial planning stages the project team conducted emergency rescue trials on day 1 to ensure that in the event of any emergency the team could safely evacuate a casualty. Stowen utilised a 5:1 pulley system combined with a Chrysalis Stretcher and escape breathing apparatus.

The client HSE Lead co-ordinated the rescue providing the team with valued training leaving the team confidence in the safety of the project from both Stowen and the client processes in the event of an emergency.


Credit: Richard Sykes / Client HSE Lead

Stage 4. Installation

The installation utilised a multitude of skilled personnel:

Project Supervisor / Welder / Plater / CompEX Electrician

Stage 3 Crane Operator / Level 3 Rigger / Multi Skilled Labour

All personnel were confined space trained to NC3 level

The project was completed ahead of schedule within budget with zero incidents.

A grand total of 12 tonnes of zinc anodes were installed

Stage 5. Commissioning / Completion Documentation

As the project came under certain criteria to meet Construction / Design / Management Regulations Stowen was awarded the role of principle contractor. On completion Stowen provided the client with a full data dossier which was then provided to the asset owner showing compliance to legislation and Health & Safety.

Client Statement

“Stowen provided a professional service throughout the project with a high focus on safety. All aspects of the project from documentation, technical support and the installation offshore were delivered to a very high standard along with well-planned process. This enabled the project to be finish ahead of schedule and further supporting the operations team”

Mark Watson

Client Representative for Project.


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