Stowen were awarded a drilling package upgrade for client Valaris on the rig “Gorilla VII” As part of the upgrade work scopes, the existing shaker and mud recovery system were to be replaced with an entire new shaker system.

Due to client contractual obligation, Stowen were given just four weeks to complete the replacement. The existing system consisted of 6 shale shakers, two scalper shakers, An H-VAC system and four centrifuges. The shaker house itself was split between three levels; main deck, mezzanine and upper level. The original configuration made the destruct challenging with the equipment so tightly installed. Stowen provided multi-skilled rope access personnel to complete the destruct efficiently.


The modification and installation phase was not without its challenges either, the construction team was staffed with Stowen in-house skilled engineers. Stowen provided complete project management liaising with the equipment provider and client engineers to ensure efficiency for installation of the shakers. Stowen utilised experienced riggers, coded welders, pipe fitters, plater/fabricators, RA level 3 and Electricians.

Our Structural, Piping and Electrical service personnel completed the installation on time and within budget.

Stowen then continued assisting Axiom for the commissioning and testing of the new Shale Shaker System. The new replacement system is now a much cleaner design with 4 new Axiom AX-1 shale shakers on the mezzanine level, Screw Conveyor on the main deck and H-VAC system on the upper level. A very successful project executed by the team at Stowen.

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