On award of this scope, Stowens project team planned and mobilised GWO personnel that were already working in the field to the vessel, to reduce any downtime for the client.

Stowens personnel then conducted a survey, creating a risk assessment and method statement to ensure all works were completed safely.


The survey confirmed that a temporary deck plate had to be created in order to access the motor.  Stowen had to liaise with the clients personnel and the project team created a plan to remove the faulty thruster motor.

Stowens coded welders placed temporary fixings onto the deck plate and removed it, which allowed electrical disconnection and rigging operations to remove the motor.

On return of the thruster motor that had been repaired, the temporary deck plate was safely removed allowing the team to reinstall and reconnect. Once installed and final checks had been carried out, Stowen completed operations by welding the deck plate back into position.

The project was finalised with a full sign off by DNVGL.

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