Stowen have partnered with Houston Based PFL Supply in an exciting new venture.  PFL have an extensive history in technical innovation of remote monitoring Systems.  With Stowen’s reach into drilling systems installation, maintenance and repair, the partnership with PFL to supply this system was a natural fit for both companies

Valentine Huma (PFL President) explains the benefits of the system:  Imagine if your assets had eyes and ears, and could talk to you in real time, no matter where in the world you are? This is exactly what remote monitoring offers. The system continually monitors and collects data from the assets and triggers automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other operational processes.

Remote monitoring provides many opportunities for efficiencies. Not only does it bring accountability to the rig and maintenance personnel, it provides a method for pre-emptive troubleshooting. Being able to pin point and prevent a potential issue before it causes equipment failure or downtime.

The system can be incorporated in both the On and Off Shore environment encompassing complete drilling operations software systems or simply monitor a single device.

Some of the current systems that we monitor include:

Hook-load weight, Standpipe pressure, RPM & Torque for NOV TDS-11 Top Drives, Draw works, Fault codes for ABB/ Omron VFDs and many more.

The system is easily customized to suit the equipment and devices that you want to monitor. We can also provide instant notification either through text message or email!


• Monitor electrical efficiency of a rig and help reduce rig non-productive time.
• Monitor all traction motors on Mud Pumps, Top Drive, Draw works.
• Monitor gearboxes for the Top Drive, Draw works, Mud Pumps.
• Receive Email/SMS notifications on alarms and shutdowns.
• Monitor power house faults and alarms.
• Scanning rig hot spots such as electrical plugs / cables/ power house/ motors etc.
• Utilize events and diagnostics capabilities to solve problems more quickly and efficiently as well as prevent them in the future.
• 24/7 Customer support.
• Training for operating control system.

To learn more about the benefits of the system, please get in touch at