Stowen continue to develop the magnetic ROV


Weather your requirement is to inspect a weld or just a general visual, Stowen’s Amphibious ROV has the ability to delve subsea or travel to extreme heights, eliminating personnel working at height. 


With its unique magnetic system, the ROV can travel over weld joints and rough terrain with ease, ideal for inspections in and around topside structures and below sea level, across all energy sectors. 

Stowen’s Amphibious ROV provides
a complete survey option


Having developed the ability to attach Ultrasonic equipment to a specially designed arm the ROV can preform scans on welds whether the requirement is for TOFD (Time of flight diffraction) UT (Ultrasonic) or PA (Phased Array)


Stowen intend to continue to utilise the new equipment on work scopes throughout 2019 assisting with subsea surveys within turbine monopiles to monitor the ongoing issue of corrosion and cable entry/exit leakage.    

If you would like to know more about this service, please make contact with the experts.


Kieron Ford (Technical Director)