Stowen perform rope access survey in Norway:

The Stowen rope access team have successfully completed a dimensional survey on multiple conductors on an o shore platform.

The task involved collecting measurements to allow onshore fabricators to engineer custom-fit support brackets.

Once the fabrication was completed the team returned to install the brackets too. The client was impressed with our rope access teams performance, and asked us to carry out a ventilation air-conditioning installation whilst we were on-site.

Working at Stowen, our clients regularly ask for additional works whilst onsite since we’re multi-skilled. This is something I enjoy doing as I can go from completing a major upgrade project to repairing crane windscreen wipers in the space of just a few days! 

Although not part of the original job specification, our multi-disciplined team meant we had the skills available on site and ready to go. 

Josh Woods Multi Skilled Rope Access Coded Welder