Stowen’s Summer Beach Cleaning Team

The summer brings many tourist in the local area of Stowen’s Head Office Great Yarmouth.

Stowen, a dedicated and environmentally-conscious individual, recently organized and successfully completed a beach clean for the local community. With a deep passion for preserving our natural surroundings, Stowen rallied a group of volunteers from the offices head quartered in great Yarmouth, armed with gloves and purpose built waste bags, to tackle the litter and debris that had accumulated along the shoreline.

Through their collective efforts, they combed the beach, meticulously picking up litter, plastics, and other pollutants that marred the picturesque coastline.

Stowen’s initiative not only helped cleaned the area but also raised awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship within the community.

The teams commitment to this beach clean exemplifies their dedication to creating a cleaner and healthier environment for all.!

We had collected over 25kg of litter patrolling the south beach of Great Yarmouth, and we will be back again next year!

Sharnie Ford
Human Resource Manager

Stowen Group

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