Stowen Telecommunications have seen rapid expansion across the US market.  With heavier demands placed on smart phones and the need for instant worldwide connectivity the continued growth in the Telecoms market has been exciting for Stowen. 

The existing strengthen and core skills of Stowen have been well received by the industry.  Supplying SPRAT certified rope access techs for at height and over the wall working provides a far safer and more expedient method compared to the traditional lanyard/shock absorber methods.  The skill and versatility of the Rope access teams enable ease of movement around complex structures enabling installation and upgrades on the most challenging of buildings.  The additional safety aspect of the rope access tech is the ability to perform rescue at height should a situation occur where a height work is in need of assistance.  

With Stowen having in house industry approved RF techs and SPRAT certified height techs we are able to supply a total turnkey site package. 

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