Jack Up Rig Refurbishment

Stowen Successfully Complete Multiple Scopes For Valaris 247 Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit

Very professional service carried out.
Numerous works scopes completed in ship yard time line, incident free.
A high standard of workmanship.
Great attitude of team, good support from management.
Reports and documentation very professional.

Steve Weisl | OSE | ValARIS

The Project

Project | Jack Up Rig Refurbishment

Client | Valaris

Asset | 247

Location | Dundee

Duration | 78-days.

Personnel  |  32 x Multi Skilled Construction Team

Offshore Scope of Works

Location | Offshore

  • De-Interface From Schooner Platform.
  • Installation of DPSSS Pockets.
  • Installation of DPSSS.
  • Removal of ROV Grillage.
  • Removal of IWOCS Grillage.
  • Removal of DPSSS.
  • Removal of DPSSS Pockets.
  • Climbing Pinion Outer Hub Chock Inspection Bow & Port Legs.
  • SPS Jacking System Inspections on 72 Units covering.
  • Jacking System Repair From Sheared ¼ Pitched Pinion.
  • Jacking House Structure Weld Repair.

Ship Yard Scope of Works

Location | Dundee Ship Yard

  • Refurbishment of DPSSS Installation Of New LED Flood & Strip lights, Walkways, Pockets, Lifting Frame, Slings & Shackles Re-certification.
  • Cable Tray Ladder Rack Repairs
  • Spud Can & Jacking System Repairs
  • Cantilever Grating Replacement
  • Crane Pedestal Weld Repairs
  • Climbing Pinion Outer Hub Chock Installation
  • Climbing Pinion Outer Hub Loose Bolt Inspection
  • Crane A-Frame Clad Welding Repairs
  • Preload Tanks welding & Angle Support Repairs
  • Tension Deck Pad-Eye replacement & Load Test
  • BOP Tension Jack Cylinder Replacement
  • Main Engine Exhaust Tip Modifications
  • Climbing Pinion Inner Hub Bolt Replacement
  • Climbing Pinion Outer Hub Chock Installation
  • Operations Punch List