Stowen has once again demonstrated its exceptional expertise and commitment to excellence by providing Valaris with a brilliant service to upgrade their offshore drilling unit. With a track record of innovation and efficiency, Stowen’s team of skilled professionals delivered a comprehensive solution that not only met but exceeded Valaris’ expectations.

Their dedication to safety, cutting-edge technology, and industry-leading practices ensured that the upgrade was completed seamlessly, enhancing the drilling unit’s performance and reliability.

Stowen continues to be a trusted partner in the offshore industry, consistently delivering high end services that contribute to the success of their clients like Valaris.

“Another successful project completed by the Stowen Oil & Gas Team, delivered on time, in budget and with zero incidents.”

Colin Stewart | Managing Director

The Scope

  • BOP Replacement
  • BOP JD Hoist Replacement
  • Climbing Pinion Lift Test
  • Derrick IDM Equipment Decommissioning & Removal
  • Derrick, Guide Track & Tope Drive Alignment Survey & Realignment
  • Drawworks Drum & Elmagco Brake Replacement
  • Drawworks Brake & Cooling Line Installation
  • Diverter Valve Replacement
  • Diverter Valve HP Pipe Replacement, Inspection & Pressure Testing
  • Drilling Package High Pressure Pipe Replacement
  • Emergency Generator Room Roof Refurbishment
  • Guide Track System Bolt Replacement
  • Koomy Cylinder Replacement
  • Leg Guide Replacement
  • Leg Anode Replacement
  • Leg Drops Survey & Corrective Actions
  • Leg Ladder Replacement
  • MUD Pump & Standpipe Valve Replacement
  • Shock Pad Inspections
  • Spud Can Repairs
  • Standpipe Manifold Repair, Inspection & Test
  • Tension Jack Replacement
  • Travelling Equipment 5 Yearly Replacement
  • Waste Oil, Diesel & Bilge Line Modifications