The Major Multi Project Demanded a total of 22 individual scopes:

  • BOP & diverter control upgrade
  • Choke & kill manifold upgrade
  • BOP Tension jacks & riser tensioning HPU installation
  • VFD & drillers cabin installation
  • TDX 1000 installation including derrick modification kit, travelling equipment VFD house and cooling skid
  • LER modification & installation
  • CCTV installation
  • SCR HVAC upgrade
  • Mud pump control upgrade
  • Helideck perimeter netting installation
  • Various inspection scopes
  • Draw works control upgrade
  • Cantilever extension modification
  • Cantilever festoon modification & installation

A robust Schedule that enabled the execution of each scope to a deadline using skilled personnel of up to a total of 86 total onboard

  • Project Managers
  • Constructions Supervisors
  • Electrical Inspectors / Leads / Technicians / Cable Pullers
  • Welders / Fabricators / Pipe Fitters
  • Rope Access Rig Builders / Riggers / Slingers
  • Inspection Engineers / NDT

Project Completion

The complete project  was completed over a period of 7 months with a budget of £6 million

Due to the size of the project Stowen utilised a nearby sister ship for accommodation further reducing cost to the client.


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